Monday, July 30, 2007

I’m just a “Blue Water Agent Orange” veteran

Hello USA I’m not Roger Moore I’m just a “Blue Water Agent Orange” veteran asking the American people to let the moral issues be herd on a level never before told, we the vets that were exposed to the
12 recognized symptoms by the VA that were caused by agent orange are dieing and are families are not being compensated by the VA because they seem to think they can save money by that, its wrong and there has to be a stop to it, please write you congressmen in your state and ask them why there letting this happen? What gave the VA who time after time has lost the eye of the American peoples over view of this subject go unchanged.. To the President please help this issue if you will thank you from the editor of
“Blue Water Agent Orange Group” on google blogs called ( and please E-Mail me on this issue. Signed David Rosenburg Vietnam Vet retired.

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